Published Date: May 1, 2002



An investigative report prepared for the general reader to explain how the most extraordinary claim made in the basic sciences during the twentieth century was mistakenly dismissed through errors of scientific protocol.

Excess Heat is a masterful presentation, clearly reasoned and argued. — Michael C.H. McKubre, SRI International

Excess Heat is a monumental work of scholarship and will bring this important new phenomenon into the mainstream of science. — John O’M. Bockris, Texas A&M University, Retired

Excess Heat is not only a superb record of an extraordinary episode, but is also highly entertaining. — Sir Arthur C. Clarke, from the foreword

Author Information

Charles Beaudette received a bachelor of science degree from MIT in 1952. After selling the instrument company which he founded (Dychro Corporation) in 1961, he worked for ten years with EG&G Corporation, where he specialized in image processing. During this time he participated in the technology development for what became the office facsimile and the PC modem. Now retired, Beaudette lives in Cumberland, Maine.


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