Published Date: October 20, 2014



The author’s first book, The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, surveyed the observational data generated by LENR experiments, showing a real phenomena from which useful, clean energy can be obtained. Since its discovery in 1989, explanations of the anomalous effect have multiplied, without any one being generally accepted or providing useful guidance in developing a technology. The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction explores conflicts within the various popular LENR theories and proposes ways to correct these conflicts. A summary of published observations that need to be explained is also included. This book is essential reading for anyone who strives to create a commercial source of energy using LENR and is interested in how this challenging nuclear process works. 

In the book’s Foreword, Dr. Michael McKubre, Director, Energy Research Lab at SRI International, writes: “The opportunity to learn directly from the most knowledgeable person in arguably the most important emerging field, and to share his concise and well considered condensation of a difficult and scattered literature, are not the only or primary reasons to comprehend The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. Laid out clearly and gently in Chapter 5, ‘Description of an Explanation,’ is the first physical science based description of a potential explanation for cold fusion.

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Nuclear chemist Edmund Storms spent 34 years at the Los Alamos National Laboratory conducting research in materials for use in nuclear power and propulsion reactors, including studies of cold fusion. Over 70 reviewed publications and monographs resulted from this work, as well as several books.



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