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Numeracy encompasses deep thinking, meaning making, and sense building; students do not simply do the math, they are taught how to think through the math. Unfortunately, neither numeracy instruction nor numerate thinking are commonly encountered in American mathematics classrooms. We are used to having our students do a problem, and then do more and more of the same type of problem over and over until the is memorized. Students are not encouraged or shown how to think through the math and make sense of it. This book lays a clear and well researched path for any teacher of mathematics to either enhance already strong instruction or revamp lackluster instruction. This book will empower teachers and show them how to fill their mathematics instruction with numeracy.

“This is a well-thought out book pulling in a wealth of materials on research and practical application in the math classroom at all levels. It is a must for every classroom teacher.” Author: JoAnn Hiatt, High School Mathematics teacher Published On: 2010-11-19

“This book removes any excuses for not making the changes we need to make in our approach to teaching math. It provides a rich and thorough meta-analysis of respected mathematical research to back up its case for a much-needed new focus in math instruction. And it provides the necessary tools to make it happen in real classrooms now.”Author: Judith A. Filkins, K-8 Math Curriculum Coordinator Published On: 2010-11-19

“This book gets to the heart of how students really learn, then connects that to mathematics. It provides teachers with practical strategies that will empower students and allow for long-term retention and application in mathematics classrooms.” Author: Noël Klimenko, Middle School Mathematics Specialist Published On: 2010-11-19

“Higher math courses are considered gateway classes for students to achieve to higher levels. This excellent resource makes math accessible for all students and ties it all to best practices!”

Author Information

Margie Pearse has over 30 years of teaching experience with certifications in mathematics, elementary education, English as a Second Language (ESL), and Pennsylvania Quality Assurance Systems (Certified Instructor – PQAS 2014). She is presently at Chester Community Charter School as a Math Coach and in graduate education, training pre-service teachers how to create deeper, more numeracy based lessons.

Margie’s passion is to share a love of math with teachers and students! Her goal is to empower every student with the tools and strategies needed to be fluent and flexible with numbers. Margie’s educational philosophy can be summed up as such, “Why NOT reinvent the wheel! Yesterday’s lessons will not suffice for students to succeed in tomorrow’s world. We need to meet students, not just where they are, but where they need to be. There is great potential in every child. It is our job to empower students to discover that potential and possess the tenacity and self-efficacy to reach it.”

Published Books: Teaching Numeracy: 9 Critical Habits to Ignite Mathematical Thinking, released by Corwin in 2011; Learning That Never Ends, released by Rowman & Littlefield in 2013; and Passing the Mathematics Test for Elementary Teachers, by Rowman & Littlefield, February 2015.

Kate Walton has taught at both the elementary and middle school levels for twelve years. Although Kate’s primary passion and expertise is with language arts, she feels Numeracy transcends and is, at its very core, deep, logical thinking, which she has always encouraged in her classroom. She believes that a well crafted lesson and a healthy obsession with creativity are the keys to inspiring students to think deeply. Currently, she coaches teachers and conducts original professional development days on best practices.



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